Pastor Dan Leach

Traverse City Church, Traverse City Reformed Church, Reformed Church

Dan Leach is a man passionate about worship, the sanctity of covenant, and the father heart of God. Dan was raised in a household where God was talked about often, but he cites Father's Day 1955 as his first real decision for Christ. This point in his life began a lifetime of pursuing and discovering the Lord and His beautiful precepts and attributes. Dan married his childhood sweetheart, Connie, on July 27th, 1968. A lifetime of experiences together has given the two of them a great deal of wisdom on God's holy intention for covenant, and the daily living out of Biblical marriage. Dan went to school with intentions to become a doctor, and instead became a paramedic, spending 38 years in fire and rescue. Dan and Connie welcomed their firstborn, Caleb, in 1990, and their daughter, Danielle, in '93. Dan's life is a story of the faithfulness of God, marked throughout with great blessings that can only be described as miraculous.