Pastor Joe Bradway

Traverse City Church, Traverse City Reformed Church, Reformed Church

Joe grew up in a small farm community in Napoleon, Michigan. He began stealing at a young age, and those sins led him to a life filled with crime, culminating in almost 20 years behind bars. His life took a dramatic turn when God visited him and began a work in his heart, calling him to be a servant of righteousness instead of a slave to sin. This calling would eventually lead to Joe being placed in the role of pastor. In 2005, Joe married Erika, and he began to see God's hand restore the "years the locusts had eaten" (Joel 2:25). Joe and Erika now reside in Traverse City with their daughter Kendra and their son Joshua. Along with their two children Joe also has a daughter, Heather, who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children.

God has blessed Joe in so many ways and has used him in the Northern Michigan community as well as in ministry abroad. Locally, Joe began a jail ministry in Traverse City, as well as serving on a Christian school board and the board of directors of a local Christian radio station. Constantly devoted to being immersed in The Word Of God, Joe is involved in several Bible studies throughout the week, and works diligently with the elders and deacons of C.O.P. to bring truth to the people of God.